Our slogans “Beaultiful Homes, Gorgeous Designs” and “Vacation Home Design, Simplified” say a lot about the services we provide. Our custom designs and turn-key packages translate our commitment to offer our clients the best service, prices and quality products.


Turn Key Packages
Our packages include everything your home needs to be ready for the rental market. All the furniture (beds, sofas, tables, chairs, armchairs, dressers etc.), decorative objects (wall art, lamps, pillows, curtains, pillows, comforters, etc) and all the items necessary so your guests can feel at home (cups, cutlery, household utensils, towels etc). We have the perfect package for the size of your budget.


Custom Design
Our team is ready to make a project tailored to your home, either vacation or residential. We can decorate the whole house or only a single room, the way you want it, with everything you want, to have the home or the room of your dreams.


Photo and Video
Besides a gorgeous decor, Hall Design also presents all clients with a professional video and photo session of their newly designed home. Amazing photos and video to immediately promote and rent your home all year long!


We can add special items in all packages that can still give more prominence to your home, such as themed rooms, a games room, a movie theater, or a number of other things that can make your home even more special!




Our vacation home packages will fit perfectly every size home and budget. This is what we include in every one of our packages as a standard, but, we are always adding things here and there to surprise and please our clients and to help make your home a market success story:

  • Vacation Package